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 Vortex Tube
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Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat



Model Description
SMVCMT-30308M 400 BTU/h,5μm Water Filter Ducting Kit,CNC Mechanical Thermostat,
Stainless Steel,Alcohol Pad 2PCS
SMVCMT-30310M 600 BTU/h,5μm Water Filter, Ducting Kit, CNC Mechanical Thermostat,
Stainless Steel,Alcohol Pad 2PCS
SMVCMT-30315M 900 BTU/h,5μm Water Filter, Ducting Kit, CNC Mechanical Thermostat,
Stainless Steel,Alcohol Pad 2PCS
SMVCMT-30325M 2000 BTU/h,5μm Water Filter, Ducting Kit, CNC Mechanical Thermostat,
Stainless Steel,Alcohol Pad 2PCS
SMVCMT-30335M 3000 BTU/h,5μm Water Filter, Ducting Kit, CNC Mechanical Thermostat,
Stainless Steel,Alcohol Pad 2PCS



Punch a 49mm-hole at the top of the electronic control panel at installing Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat.


Model Cooling Capacity Consumption NEMA
SMVCMT-30308M 400 100 8 226 4
SMVCMT-30310M 600 150 10 283 4
SMVCMT-30315M 900 226 15 424 4
SMVCMT-30325M 2000 504 25 707 4
SMVCMT-30335M 3000 756 35 991 4

Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat uses plant compressed air and is equipped with an Auto Drain Filter and a Pressure Regulator. Maintain the air pressure of 80~100PSIG (5.5 ~ 7bar).

Type Nomenclature


SM - VCMT - 30335M Operating Principle

Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat model (SMVCMT-30335M) is a model easy to use and efficient.

This requires no power source and moving parts. If only clean compressed air filtered through the compressor is supplied, the electrical control for the amount of heat generated in the control panel is not required.

Cold fraction is infused to the interior of the control panel and the electronic control panel by the thermostat mounted in the cooler, by which it protects sensitive heat-generating components. The Mechanical Thermostat features a mechanical thermostat to maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 27°C to 32°C (90-80°F).In case of entering the temperature range, it automatically blocks the compressed air supplied from the gauge pressure in the secondary side, and in case that the temperature rises inside the control panel and electronic control panel, Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat starts the operation.

The Thermostat senses the temperature increased in the control panel and electronic control panel, so it is adjustable without the need of electronic control. It is composed of a sensitive thermostat of high reliability, and it controls the supply equipment of compressed air, resulting in energy saving. The hot air generated inside the control panel and the electronic control panel is discharged to the outside through the automatic intake tube inside the Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat Model(SMVCMT30336M) by updraft. The inside of the control panel and electronic control panel is designed for cold air to be drawn in.



Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat (SMVCMT-30336M) is a cooler to protect the control panel and the electronic control panel with a thermostat.

It can control any temperature, and installation of the thermostat is easy. However, install it at the standard knockout and supply the compressed air first before connecting it to the power source.

Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat (SMVCMT-30336M) is the product having the functions of control of the heat generated from the control panel and the electronic control panel and heat protection, and it protects the panels from the dust and environmental pollution. It may maintain the function more effective in the line equipped with the air cleaning system for the compressed air. The cold air capacity of Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat includes 400BTU/h, 600BTU/h, 900BTU/h, 2,000BTU/h, and 3,000 BTU/h.

Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostatic designed to use compressed air in the plant, equipped with air cleaning system and air filters installed. The compressed air is supplied at80-100 PSIG. The above model is a product that the water / particle air filter and automatic drain function are included.


Easy to install at the workshop at a low cost with quality assurance of Vortex CNC Mechanical Thermostat for N/C/CNC controllers, PLC, motor controllers, industrial cameras, and control boxes of industrial equipment. It does not use Freon gas(CFC), and it requires no repair or maintenance.

As the Vortex CNC Mechanical Thermostat is attached to the control panel, being sealed, it discharges the heat generated from the inside of the control panel equipment to the outside and it always keeps proper temperature inside the electronic devices through cold air discharged from it and the interior of the cabinet and parts of the electronic devices can be controlled cleanly and quietly.



  • - Low cost
  • - Reliable
  • - Easy to install
  • - No maintenance after operation of the product
  • - No vibration, quiet, noise within 70 dBA.
  • - No fans or filters inside the panel and electronic equipment
  • - Prevention from dirt and dust inside the panel
  • - Special workshops where automatic temperature control is required without electricity
  • - No sparks, not disturbed by RF/EMI.
  • - No maintenance even for long-time use. No worry of oxidation and corrosion due to being made of stainless steel.
  • - Instant On and Off

How to calculate heat load of Vortex CNC(Cabinet) Mechanical Thermostat

To determine the exact model for a user’s application, it is the first thing to do to determine the total heat load subject to the control panel. The total heat load is a combination of two elements of the heat source dissipated in the protected area and heat transfer from the outside to the inside of the enclosure.

How to calculate Kcal/hr

  1. 1. First, determine the wattage of heat source generated in the enclosure. Watt x .86 = Kcal/hr.
  2. 2. Second, calculate the heat transfer to the outside as follows:
    1. a. With the exception of the upper part of the cabinet, determine the area which is exposed in the air.
    2. b. Determine the temperature difference between the maximum ambient temperature and desired internal temperature.
    3. After that, determine Kcal/hr./m²for the temperature difference, referring to the temperature conversion table (below).
    4. Determine the external heat transfer Kcal/hr by multiplying the cabinet surface area by Kcal/hr./m
  3. 3. In order to calculate the total heat load, add the internal temperature load and the external temperature load together.

Temperature Combination Table (METRIC)
Temperature Difference °C Kcal/hr./m²
3 4.5
6 9.7
9 15.1
12 21.0
15 27.0
18 34.0
21 41.0


Dissipation of internal heat: 471 watts or 405 Kcal/hr
Cabinet area: 3.7m²
Maximum outside temperature: 44°C
Required internal temperature: 35°C
The temperature difference of 9°C in the conversion table (above) indicates to enter 15.1 Kcal/hr./m
3.7m²x 15.1 Kcal/hr./m²= 56Kcal/hr. External heat load

Therefore, add 56Kcal/hr. (external heat load) and 405Kcal/hr together.
Internal heat load = 461Kcal/hr. total heat load or Kcal/hr.
For cooling, it is required to maintain the required temperature.

In this example, the right choice is 504kcal/hr.
Please select a cabinet cooler model by determining existence or non-existence of the thermostat control or the NEMA rating of the enclosure.